Communicating Effectively

My interpretation of the message was that Jane had a deadline coming up which is dependent on the contribution that Jack has to make. For some reason, after reading, listening and viewing each modality of the message being communicated, my perception remains constant between the email and voicemail form of the message. These two forms of communication were direct and to the point,  communicating effectively what was needed and a sense of urgency.

Emails are commonly used throughout businesses as both a mean of formal and informal communication across departments and most times tends to follow the chain of command. Like any other form of written communication, emails can be misinterpreted. However, in the scenario presented, the message had a very neutral tone but explicit in content.

Additionally, voicemails are used when trying to contact one party and being unsuccessful in reaching him or her on his or her phone. Voicemails can be effective as the sender has the opportunity to leave a detailed verbal message, which the receiver is able to deduce tones. However, it can also be ineffective if the person never retrieves the message of has a full mailbox.

Consequently, the face-to-face method even though it was more personal, the communication method did not strike the matter of urgency where a deadline needs to be met. This method of communication is most time considered to be most effective, as senders and receivers have the opportunity to express emotions and make the message being communicated more personal and the ability to get instantaneous feedback.

Adrian A Weir


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