Project Schedule and Estimating Activity Duration

After exploring this week’s resources and internet research I have found two (2) very popular resources that are helpful in planning and scheduling projects. One of the best ways to get project teams off emails and into a space where real work can be done more efficiently is to use an online project management tool or another collaboration tool that centralizes tasks, communication, and work management.

The first resource explore was Mavenlink, this application is used to assist with scheduling tasks; breakdown of work and also budgeting and financing a project. Additional, it has the capabilities of keeping track of each stage in the project and also produces ongoing reports.—exact&utm_match=e

The second resource I looked into was Zoho Projects has a visual and highly customizable dashboard where you choose widgets that show the information that you need to see. Zoho Projects also has a feature that allows you add start and end dates to tasks, milestones, and projects so that you can estimate how long it takes to get work done, rather than simply assigning a deadline. There’s also an option to set your project times to “strict,” meaning the system prevents you from assigning due dates for milestones that are outside the time scope of the project.

I would definitely use Zoho this tool as it is online and accessible from any computer. Also, this tool does not place a limit on how many users are able to collaborate in the application as with many other paid tools such Mavenlink. Additionally, I would use this tool to help assign task and deadlines to the team and also use it to allocate resources to each step in the project.

Adrian A. Weir



One thought on “Project Schedule and Estimating Activity Duration

  1. Hi Adrian,
    I do use Zohodocs as an online database with all my “stuff” and I can say that it is very user friendly. I also like the fact that it has collaborative tools so people can work together in one “space”.


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