Project Schedule and Estimating Activity Duration

After exploring this week’s resources and internet research I have found two (2) very popular resources that are helpful in planning and scheduling projects. One of the best ways to get project teams off emails and into a space where real work can be done more efficiently is to use an online project management tool … More Project Schedule and Estimating Activity Duration

The Future of Distance Learning

 The perception of distance learning is changing as technology continues to evolve. Geographic locations are no longer a constraint for getting information being successfully delivered and understood. With the advent and increased use of technologically aided devices, people can communicate meaningfully from a distance (Siemens). Distance learning has gained significant popularity in education over the … More The Future of Distance Learning


This paper identifies the pre-planning elements that the trainer may need to effectively convert a face-to-face course to distance learning. When converting from a traditional form of learning to distance learning, the instructional designer must approach this as a new project and a great place to start is the ADDIE model. This is a systematic … More CONVERTING TO A DISTANCE LEARNING FORMAT

Foundations of Distance Learning

Distance learning is an institution-based, formal education where the learning group is separated and where interactive telecommunications systems are used to connect learners, resources and instructors (Simonson, 2009,2010). As I reflect on my educational background and experiences, I have seen my self-being a distance learner or even participate in such learning environment. Being educated in … More Foundations of Distance Learning